Empire Lusso is our ONE stop consignment all your Hermes items Brand New or Like New including Accessories, Small leather goods, Home, Clothing, Fine Jewelry, Watches, Shoes, Scarves, Belt
and mores.


  1. Submit your form: Fill out our quick online form below with your item* information
  2. Get prepaid label: We’ll email you with label within 24 hours
  3. Print & ship: Pack and send us your items with a complimentary shipping label.
  4. Get paid: Once item sold. Payment directly to your Bank within 24 hours**
  5. If the items are not sold within 60 days. We will return to you for FREE upon request.

CONSIGNMENT FEES There are 2 options:

1. Consignment at Your Price. You tell us the Final Price you want to receive for your item. We will add our fees on top, normally 10%.

2. Consignment at Our Price, which we believed will sell FAST. Our team will review the current market and advise the top dollar listed price for the item. That way, the item will sell faster. We will take fees by the following percentage from the proceeds of the sale of your Consigned Items:

    1. 15% of the sale price up to US $999
    2. 10% of the sale price starting at US $1,000

TERMINATION: All sales have 60 days of consignment period. After 60 days, If Items do not sell, we will return items for FREE upon your request,

EARLY TERMINATION: During the Initial Consignment Term 60 days, if you request to return your Consigned Items, we will return the item to you upon payment of US $75 per item.

AUTHENTICITY: You represent and warrant that all items you submit for consignment sale (“Consigned Items”) are authentic. If any Sale item is found to be a counterfeit, or not authentic, Empire Lusso will return the item to the seller upon receipt of payment of US $75 per Item (as “Authentication Fee”).

PAYOUT METHODS: Our Account Payable team will reach out to collect your Bank or PayPal Information for payout processing. Here is Payout Form

*If you have more than ONE item would love to consign, please download Consignments form and email to

**If item is sold on eBay or PayPal Invoices. Please allow additional 5 Business Days for payout to be processed.